Video Art

Middle East

Shirin 2025

Contemporary Art Festival, Sanandej, Iran 2019

Shirin 2025

Year 2025…800 million people face utter lack of water. Ecological shifts have destroyed the flora and fauna diversity and wildlife.

The wells have dried out, the deserts have extended their boarders and haze covers the cities. The significance of fresh water has increased to an extent that it bridges the gap between old enemies and on the other hand it brings war among friends.

Middle East…a region that has always been neither west nor east, always in the “middle” yet has never learned sobriety…in this land hydropolitics is a crucial strategy and all the main rivers cross at least one international boarder. This means that the countries and people living close to these rivers are directly affected by the politics the countries use in order to control the rivers.

In this video installation, the glass surfaces that are installed around represent one of the four countries of the region. With placing oneself in this event and depending on the audience perspective (interactive), in each glass a part of water crisis- and not lack of it- is observable which shows the extent and scale of the problem that each of these countries can cause in the tension over water.

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