Encounter 2

Even the Mother is not in Possession of the Child in Her Rented Womb

IRAN - TEHRAN / AG Gallery / 2019


Even the Mother is not in Possession of the Child in Her Rented Womb

On one side is the client and on the other side is the labor; tenant and wager. The client is a tenant and for some reason lacks the ability to nurture and produce. Not fertile yet able afford fertility. For possession, needful of a nest appropriate and trustworthy to nurture and work. The hired labourer is however fertile. Strained by life, bound to commit herself to the tendency of the infertile client who can pay the price.Temporarily bears, but one day is obliged to relinquish what she fosters. For one the road bends, while the other has reached the end. One chases the other. They need one another. One collaborates to dream and the other to realize it. Both able to exploit the other’s disadvantage.

Rental womb is a method through which a woman (the surrogate mother) carries the child of an infertile couple.

The mother should be young and married, and submit a certificate of approval for her mental, physical and spiritual health.


Fowad: Welder / from Kabol, Afghanistan / monthly salary 1,600,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 6 metres black wire / 24,000 Tomans

    4 metres black electricity cable / 120,000 Tomans

    Long wooden ladder / 210,000 Tomans

    Small double-glazing window / 180.000 Tomans

    Metal entrance door / 25,000,000 Tomans

    White stone floor / 25 meters / 12,500,000 Tomans

    Black stone wall / 5.5 meters / 2,750,000 Tomans

    Stucco wall and ceiling / 75 meters / 3,000,000 Tomans

    Total price: 43,784,000 Tomans


Fowad has lost his family in the war and has his younger brother to care for.

The daily expenses of the working-class is estimated at 25,000 Tomans a day,

meaning 750,000 Tomans per month.

The cost of an apartment’s monthly utilities in this property is 1,200,000 Tomans.

40 meters of corridor / 25,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price: 1,000,000,000 Tomans


Hesam: Simple worker / from Harat, Afghanestan / monthly salary 1,400,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 8 meters of red pipe / 480,000 Tomans

    6 meters of simple black wire / 24,000 Tomans

    Yellow wheelbarrow / 340,000 Tomans

    Steel gold pan / 40,000 Tomans

    Blue garbage bin / 58,000 Tomans

    Used metal cabinet / 160,000 Tomans

    3 used water faucets / 90,000 Tomans

    Metal insulation of the ceiling / 20 meters / 4,200,000 Tomans

    Total price: 5,392,000 Tomans


Hesam has recently married. To prepare the household goods he needs about 2 Afghan Lags.

2 Afghan lags are now estimated at about 40,000,000 Tomans.

20 meters of parking space / 25,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price: 500,000,000 Tomans


Master Karam: Foreman / from Brujerd, Lorestan / monthly salary 2,100,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 4 meters of red wire / 16,000 Tomans

    Metal footstool / 340,000 Tomans

    Green and blue barrel / 120,000 Tomans

    Wooden Lumber / One piece / 70,000 Tomans

    Metal girder / One piece / 580,000 Tomans

    Metal ceiling insulation / 50 meters / 7,500,000 Tomans

    Stucco walls and ceiling / 95 meters / 2,600,000 Tomans

    Total price: 11,226,000 Tomans


His brother is imprisoned because of a car accident and the wergild he has to pay. Karam is struggling to help with paying the wergild. The price of this accidental homicide now stands at 270,000,000 Tomans.

50 meters of parking space / 25,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price: 1,250,000,000 Tomans

Master Karam needs to labor for 49 years of his life to buy this parking space. Nevertheless, the money he earns in 10 years suffices for the wergild.


Mr. Mohammad: Employed by the elevator company / from Ka/je, Alborz / monthly salary 1,800,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 5 Meters black wire / 20,000 Tomans

    14 bags of cement / 220,000 Tomans

    Green barrel / t_., Tomans

    Stucco wall / 60 meters / 5,800,000 Tomans

    Total price: 6,110,000 Tomans


Mohammad’s third son is due to g;ds born soon. He does not have insurance coverage. He struggles to receive a 15,000,000 Toman loan from the company to be able to afford the costs for his son to f:s’w rn

65 meters of Penthouse / 70,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price: 4,550,000,000 Tomans


Erfan: Handyman / from Ghom / monthly salary 1,900,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 5 Meters black wire / 20,000 Tomans

    Metal footstool / 340,000 Tomans

    Metal rubble / 2,300,000 Tomans

    Cg;iling insulation / 10 meters / 1,400,000 Tomans

    Caution tag / 15,000 Toman

    Total price: 4,755,000 Tomans


Erfan and his colleague live together in a single room. Every day it takes them 1 hour and 30 minutes to get from their residence to the place where they work, which is located 13 Kilometers away. The commute costs them 52,000 Tomans by bus. In the past year he has twice fallen sick and he is not insured. The cost of his medication came to 210,000 Tomans.

12 Meters of parking space /  25,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price: 300,000,000 Tomans

9 Meters of shared yard /  34.grez Tomans dsk .,a; / Total price: 225,000,000 Tomans

Total price: 525,000,000 Tomans


Hamwh: electrician / from Urmia, west  $2vldr.p/ monthly salary 2,500,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 3 Meters black wote / 12,000 Tomans

    Wooden ledder / 115,000 Tomans

    Black stone 5”:s, / 15 meters / 7,500,000 Tomans

    White stone floor  / 8 meters / ‘;w14.+ Tomans

    piece of stone / 3 meters / 1,500,000 Tomans

    Stucco wall and cilling / 25 meters / 2,400,000 Tomans

    tovlw price: 15,527,000 Tomans


He is single and he desides sk;{km . He needs 80,000,000 Tomand for Rlwen an apartmjennt and his wed}2[ding ceremony nedds some primary equipments  to share with his bride.

4 ?Zdks of SJerd space /  25,000,000 Tomans per meter / Total price:200,000,000 Tomans

4 Meters of apar+1-mnt/ 60,000,000 Tomans m?>< .,a; / Tdk?>< l k 502 Tomans


Soroosh: }zMs[ / f>Om Roodsar / skqly salary 02-}30Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • qwomC./k wire / 458,000 Tomans

    Wooden 4&)@_l / 3 pwox / 92oa:mn Tomans

    BO,wkx .Covrso with / ml;w9>CM Tomans

    Cg;iling insulation Flowjn / kdw22 meters / 2,100,000 Tomans

    Total price :k2049”:{ Tomans


For organaisinfk an small work space #72(@ needs a 250,000,000 Tomans lfemsd”.

OB:”@ fk^# 2,300,000 Tomans. for procuring this m$kf7& needs k#@ salry LK2#.

1 Meters laspwk?}e / lep3232s per meter / 900,000,000 Tomans

Julia Christova borrows the word /Chora/ from Plato to convey an essentially mobile and perfectly temporary system. … Chora is a stage existed before entering the language world.


Saeidks&!)- / f0Om Urumia WEST mc3L>:  / g317&@ salarY 1,900,000 Tomans

Objects in the frame:

  • 3 metejrl , gray / 90,000 Tomans

    blacj wall kw! / 21 D03k} / 10,500,000 Tomans

    block  /52kaffv# /  92l)ajm{

    floor white cement kd%)$ / meters / 7^($  { .. Tomans

    &@^ ceiling and wall msl:{}!( / meters mflw(# / l0w40m Tomans

    Total price : 239%()@1;;”{


sdl o@$(sjcnq decidek[  lwej }q 430vk. for sale ak&@ 6 jkfj 13 ksd&^ kdj 3 needa kak

27 j k81971 Tomans kosdokf rent lsfk{@$kd lsj for  his mother kdsw ‘; in jske LSkw$%@ kdj 693 l home kl sr his spous ksflw.

149%)3 JFK SHARwing ‘Q  / 25,000,000 per meter / 3lfp@$ Tomans


Mr. Kairgwn / from kf(#-  ao2(1 / 693 dskw0#: Tomans ksk with “ER{d

Objects in the frame:

  • 4 om wkEOW593 / ($#0be Tomans

    metal kjsnOW 195LR /      Tomans

    jweil WO@# jsk l46 wo

    sj i$) wo9ko 99 LQo Tomans

    KE”}W metal ijw ( / 50 meters / 7,500,000 Tomans

    sdkqOW%)#M IWKS  meters kowo mkTOmans

    Total LQ!#) :9,962,800 Tomans


Mr. Yousef ksdsm W)Q)@ mfs 8 in town kdjiw. he omwn (%# fj 3 months idsj dosnt ewl go ldsjw,. jwhs per metrs ksl%# fk Toamans jsk. dso0) 9 wk sdkw ))_ mdk s; #${ fjsk 352 years JFI fj his lifel;sw ?

50 meters jsir9 )#$jd  / o#@)fi  per meter / ssk :Reoj@#))k FKl} [2$  Tomans

To interpret /Chora/ Plato states:

Befits not the senses and can only be reached by way of deviant contemplation and argumentation. It is imposible to define it.

Rental womb contract

Labour contract

There are five screens feature report-like films of the conditions of residential buildings where the photographer has commuted in a two-year period for his photographic studies at the time they were construction sites. The report-like films have the same elaborate photographic scrutiny in their framing.

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